stuffed mussels

The pace of life we ??are subjected to stress that just leaves us time to eat well and nourish. Therefore, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we want our food fast, tasty and nutritious and a dish that meets all these requirements are the stuffed mussels in white sauce.

In itself, the mussels are a food rich in vitamin B12, iron, vitamins A and K. Also contain high amounts of iodine, important for our metabolism as it helps to regulate our energy levels and proper functioning of cells.

Being a rich source of iodine assists in the processing of carbohydrates to strengthen hair, skin and nails, also helps us inside to help regulate cholesterol. Its benefits extend primarily in the states of pregnancy and lactation, where the baby also receives important nutrients from the mother.

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frosted cAKE

A delicious recipe to share with the family in summer is the ice cream cake. Whatever fruit you choose, this is the ideal dessert for their consistency and combination of flavors and textures that cool during the hot season.

Although somewhat difficult to prepare, by the amount of time spent, it’s worth doing if for a special occasion like a birthday, a shower or a meeting of the whole family.

The frosted cake takes a whole day of preparation, that require refrigeration each of their parties before the final presentation. Also has a portion of sweetbreads underscore the need to advance the night before for use the next day in assembly.


* 4 eggs
1 cup refined white sugar
* 1 cup prepared flour


Place a large pan in which you can assemble the iced cake, then bake this cake pan. Preparation starts beating the four egg whites until peaks form, then add the sugar little by little so as not to lose the clear.

Then beat the mixture again and add yolk until blended everything finally add the cup of flour previously sifted. Then, buttered pan and and take it to the oven to 180 º C for 20 to 30 minutes or until you see is ready. It should be golden. Read the rest of this entry »

Sausage and lasagna go together like peanut butter and jelly. The two types of sausages are precooked and fresh. Usually, it is a bad idea to put a precooked sausage in a lasagna because the sausage will ultimately turn out too tough for the meal. Instead, purchase a soft, fresh or cured sausage from your local deli, grocery store or butcher. Your grocer can help you decide what type of sausage is best to use in your lasagna based on your personal preferences.

1. Create a traditional lasagna recipe. For traditional lasagna, the best sausage choices are fresh Italian sausage or a Cervelat sausage. If you’d like your dish to be spicy, try Spicy Italian Sausage. If you’d like a milder taste, choose the Cervelat sausage, which has a stronger garlic taste and is also known as Summer Sausage. Another idea for a mild sausage is Boudin Blanc, which contains eggs and cream that will blend nicely with the cheese of the lasagna.

2. Pick a fusion lasagna recipe. Choosing less traditional sausages create interesting flavor combinations. Bratwurst is a German sausage full of flavor that is not usually associated with lasagna. Kielbasa is a Polish sausage containing both pork and beef. Adding German or Polish flavors to an Italian dish creates a fusion that will be unlike any sausage lasagna your guests have ever tasted. Read the rest of this entry »

If you are a new student, going away to college can be stressful and confusing. However, there are many college supplies that help make the transition easier. Some necessary items include bedding, bed pillows, a shower chair and computer.

Some items that you may need as a student often go overlooked. Make sure to sit down and create a list of all the things you need to get through each semester of college. After the list is created, check with the college or look online to find out if the items are allowed. Though you are likely to remember the basics, like college writing supplies, make sure to keep non-traditional items in mind as well. College supplies such as a bathroom mirror, basin and shower non-slip chair are items that should be on your list. These items make getting through the semester more convenient and comfortable. When choosing a shower chair, it is important to select one that fits in the showering area, so make sure you know the size you need beforehand.

Going away to college does not have to be stressful. Pay close attention to the supplies you use at home and decide whether or not you might benefit from bringing them to school. If you arrive prepared and have a strong drive to succeed, college is sure to be a success for you.

Are you tired of the traditional cupcake decorations that you get to see in birthday parties for children? The taste of every cupcake should be classic but the designs should have a modern touch and should not always stick to the old and boring styles. Here are some cupcake decorating ideas that you normally don’t see in ordinary bakeshops, which can be created using basic supplies such as cupcake decorations by MakeBake.

Hamburger-looking Cupcakes

A cupcake should not always look like a cupcake all the time. Sometimes, it can take the form of a hamburger and the sweet taste will remain the same. How to do this? First, you will have to bake a bun-looking cupcake. Use safe food colourings to make the cake appear yellowish. Slice it in the middle. Use a round and brown cake as the patty and then create a “lettuce” by using a green icing. Red icing can act as the ketchup while the yellow icing will be the mustard. Now you have your hamburger cupcake.

A Bouquet of Flower Cupcakes

If you are going to attend a friend’s wedding celebration and you want to give the couple a unique gift, why don’t you bake bouquets of cupcakes? This may sound difficult to do but the process is actually very easy. Just bake ordinary cupcakes and by using a pastry bag with a small tip, draw flowers on top of the cake. Repeat the process with the other cupcakes. Don’t forget to use brightly coloured icing to make the bouquet more beautiful. Arrange the cupcakes to look like a bouquet of flowers, add up ribbons, and you’re done.

Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterflies are a perfect idea for cupcake decorations. This is great for any day like picnic at the park, little girl’s party, ladies’ dinner, etc. How to create butterflies? On top of the cake, put a stick of pretzel in the middle which will serve as the body of the butterfly. Use a decorating bag to draw colourful wings on both sides of the pretzel. Sprinkle tiny sugar candies on the wings to achieve a more artistic appearance. Finally, draw a head with antennas with another colour of icing to complete the butterfly look.

A merchant cash advance isn’t a loan, it is an advance so the amount your would receive, if you qualify, is dependent upon your monthly credit card sales. Figure on needing at least $4,000 per month to qualify for the minimum amount the merchant cash advance provider will advance a business.

If you are looking for merchant funding in the $100K to $200K range, merchant advance providers do offer to advance this much if the business have a large volume of credit card sales and meets the other requirements. Most merchants are approved quickly for funding (although usually for far less money) as the business advance provider takes little risk. Money is repaid automatically from credit card receipt so the lender gets paid back as long as the merchant remains in business.

The general requirements for merchant funding via an advance on credit card sales are that the business has been operating for at least 6 months.  Bad credit is not a problem but some lenders do not accept applicants with current liens, judgments or bankruptcies. Each lender will have different criteria so it is prudent to shop around if you were not approved by your first choice of merchant cash advance providers. Almost every merchant who is processing at least $4,000 in credit cards each months will qualify for at least the minimum loan amount.

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal with the whole family. Meal times are when stories are shared, laughs are had and family memories are made. The trick is using easy, reliable recipes that prevent you from being stuck in the kitchen so that you can maximise the time you spend with the important people in your life.

Baking is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon with children and it also uses one of the best functions of your cooker to its fullest potential. Homemade bread is surprisingly easy, and once you’ve mastered the basics you can play around with adding nuts, seeds and even fruit or cheese to your loaves. The smell fills a house and a chunk of fresh bread with homemade soup makes for a quick and easy meal – perfect if the folks drop round unannounced.

Mediterranean dishes, like meatballs, bruschetta and that family favourite, lasagne, are just as popular with kids as with adults – so you needn’t make two different meals. When it comes to a family-sized lasagne, you can prepare the mince and the béchamel the day before, build the dish and put it in the fridge until you want to cook it.

For the béchamel, combine 1.5 litres of milk, one chopped brown onion, a bunch of fresh parsley stalks, 12 peppercorns, six cloves and three bay leafs in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Remove and set aside for 15 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse. Strain the milk through a fine sieve into a large jug and discard the rest. Proceed to make your béchamel as normal with butter and flour, and add one cup of grated parmesan at the end. Season with nutmeg, salt and white pepper to taste.

Once your mince has been browned with onion and garlic, add chopped tomatoes, carrots and a cup of red lentils for extra texture. Simmer the mixture for an hour, adding a little beef stock if it starts to dry out, and set to one side. Building a lasagne is easier if your ingredients are cool.

With all the preparation done, just pop it into the oven at 180 degrees for 90 minutes. As most of home appliance brands like Indesit and Hotpoint have a timer function installed in their cookers, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your labour of love – so you can get carried away catching up with the family.

When thinking about all of the different restaurant supply and equipment you will require for your business, one aspect you won’t want to forget is the restaurant furniture supply items you need. After all, how you choose to decorate and furnish your restaurant is important, especially if you want to make your establishment an inviting place that will make your customers feel welcomed and comfortable.

What kind of furniture supply products should you consider for your restaurant? It depends on the type of atmosphere you want to create. For instance, if you intend to have a bar, you will need stools. On the other hand, if your restaurant is to cater to families, you will want to have booster seats and high chairs available. Thus, it helps to know who your target market is before you invest in any restaurant supplies.

In addition to knowing what type of clientele your eating place will appeal to the most, it’s also a good idea to establish a theme for your restaurant, as this will assist you in making your restaurant furniture supply choices, as well. In example, certain seating will create a more traditional environment (i.e. tables and chairs), while others will promote a more contemporary one (i.e. booths).

Finally, make certain the furniture you do select is durable and can be cleaned. There is no sense in purchasing anything that won’t be long lasting or can’t handle food spills.

Tonic water is a carbonated beverage that is often used to make cocktails and mixed drinks.  It contains sugar and sometimes caffeine, in addition to a substance called quinine.  Quinine gives tonic water its distinctive bitter taste and also makes it glow under ultra-violet light. Here are some ideas of mixed drinks and cocktails made with tonic water, ranging from the classic to the creative.

The Classic Gin and Tonic
The most classic cocktail made with tonic water is the gin and tonic.  In addition to several fingers of gin and tonic water, the perfect gin and tonic also contains a tablespoon of fresh-squeezed lime juice and a lime wedge as garnish.  Tonic water is also commonly mixed with vodka and lime to make a vodka and tonic.

Variations on the Gin and Tonic
For those who like the Brazilian drink Caprihana, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to a classic gin and tonic with lime.  The sugar and the bitterness of the lime juice balance one another, making a delightfully refreshing cocktail with some, but not too much, bitterness.

Other Cocktails with Tonic Water
There are many creative and innovative drinks that can be made with tonic water beyond the classic gin and tonic and its variations.   The Bubbly Red Sex, for example, is a sweet cocktail combining grenadine, equal parts peach schnapps and vodka, and a splash of tonic water.    For a tropical flavoured cocktail, try the Cocomoni, which combines equal parts tonic water and grapefruit juice with a shot of Coconut Liqueur.  The Zinger is another tonic water cocktail, containing orange juice, cranberry juice, vodka, and tonic water.  Citrus zest makes an excellent garnish for the Zinger.

Choosing a malt whiskey is a personal choice, and there is a range of opinions on what makes for the best tasting malt whiskey. The age of the malt whiskey is one major factor, and many drinkers with a refined palette can instantly tell how old a spirit is with just one taste. When comparing five, ten and 18 year old malt whiskeys, there are a few elements to consider, which add up to which one an individual likes best.

When drinking malt whiskey straight, or without anything else mixed in with it, it’s important that the whiskey is of the best quality. Drinking straight malt whiskey means you will taste every nuance of the spirit, and you’ll want the most pure version available. In this instance, 18 year old malt whiskey is a good option. The 18 year old whiskey goes down smooth and doesn’t leave an aftertaste on the tongue, as some younger varieties sometimes do.

If you’re mixing cocktails with malt whiskey, a younger whiskey will blend in well with the mixer you’re using. A ten year old malt whiskey is still a smooth, refined choice, and it stands up well with the various juices and sodas used to make malt whiskey cocktails. Because the 10 year old whiskey is still a smooth variety, you won’t have a stark liquor taste on your tongue. Still, the whiskey taste will be detectable over the juice or mixer, which is a quality you want when drinking a nice malt whiskey.

Consider a five year malt when mixing punches or a pitcher of drinks in which a few liquors are used. For example, a punch made of cranberry juice, seltzer, vodka and whiskey works well with a five year old whiskey. The five year old variety blends in well with other flavours, while still holding its own.

Travelling to Italy contains the enormous pleasure of eating in Italy. A meal in this beautiful country is to be savoured. Furthermore, an exciting dining pleasure awaits you in trying unique dishes from different regions with the residents from each area being proud of their special recipes.

Ask your waiter about the specialties in your location and you’re sure to be brought a delectable meal. Classic Italian meals are lavish, and when you travel within the country, knowing how a traditional Italian meal is enjoyed will help you appreciate the food during your trip.

Italian menus generally offer patrons five sections with a full meal comprising of an appetizer, initial course followed by a second course that includes a side dish and dessert. You don’t have to order a selection from every course, but most diners will enjoy at least two.

Sundays are a popular day for Italian families to meet each other in a restaurant and spend hours enjoying good food along with one another’s company. You can expect to find plenty of noise and culture when you visit a restaurant in Italy over the weekend.

An Italian meal generally begins with antipasti, which is an order of cold cuts from local sources. You may even be offered a regional speciality. In some cities you may have a choice of antipasti options and your waiter will bring you several dishes. Also, you’ll generally receive a large amount of food, so sharing is mandatory.

If you are travelling in the south section of the country, then you may encounter dining establishments that provide an antipasto buffet allowing you to pick and choose your appetizers.

The next choice is the primo course and this includes pasta, rice dishes or soup. Keep in mind that Italian chefs generally use less sauce when creating their pasta dishes and focus on the type of pasta used in the recipe.

If you’re not too full after the appetizer and the second course, then you’ll be ready for the main event, which is called secondo. Italian menus will offer you options such as fish, meat and chicken. Vegetarians needn’t be concerned as most dining locations will have at least one or two meatless choices.

Contorni or side dishes are ordered separately and will be served alongside your main course. Your menu choices will generally be a vegetable, potato or a salad. You won’t want to miss an Italian dessert with delectable fruit combinations, or a cheese option followed with an Italian wine, mineral water or coffee.

When dining in Italy, you will need to ask for the bill, and always bring cash just in case the restaurant doesn’t accept other forms of payment. Service costs will be included, but you can include a small tip for the waiter.

Remember when you travel to eat, visit Italy. The food is often copied in other destinations, but never to the full extent that you’ll experience in the country first-hand, so lose a few pounds before your trip because you’re bound to find them in Italy.

You could enjoy these great destinations at their best with an American Express rewards card, which offers great rewards programs for shoppers, diners and holiday makers.

The use of baking recipes to create tasty treats for friends and family has long been a tradition. While you have the option to greatly experiment with some dishes, baking often calls for specific ingredients that must be used in order for the final product to be a success. If healthier eating is what you desire, there are plenty of recipes that are designed to help you accomplish this.

Muffins, cakes, and more can be turned into healthier versions by making a few simple substitutions. A great example would be recipes that make use of applesauce instead of oil. Changes such as this allow the final product to taste great, while offering health benefits. Another example would be to replace butter with Benecol Buttery Spread. Butter, which is loaded with fat and calories is often one of the prime baking ingredients. When possible, it is best to seek other alternatives.

Healthy baking recipes do not sacrifice taste. In fact, many people feel that these healthier treats are even better than their traditional counterparts. A few simple changes can make a real difference in the health of yourself and your family. If you love to bake, but want to do so in a healthier manner, know that you have plenty of options. Online recipes are available for free, and can easily be printed out or saved to your computer for future use.

There is nothing better tasting than fried chicken for dinner.  It’s one of the edible items at the top of the list when discussing what to have for dinner.  Fried chicken normally comes out crisp and brown but a bit greasy.  If you’re looking for a better way to fry chicken, then the Tefal ActiFry is for you!

This fryer is unsurpassed in cooking chicken, fries, corndogs, and anything that is friable with a lower level of grease.  One tablespoon of olive oil or less poured over your favourite fries and you have a healthier meal within minutes.

Ground beef can be prepared in about five minutes or so, without all the spitting, splattering and mess.  Roast vegetables such as potatoes, butternut squash and sweet potatoes all under 40 minutes.  Now you can put them in and walk away – knowing they will be safe without all the grease.

With combination convection heat flowing from the lid and a paddle that stirs the food around, you get a perfect coating involving a thin layer of oil which allows all the contents to have a share in the heat.

The ActiFry by Tefal comes with a cookbook that houses about 30 recipes.   Experimenting with foods is a great way to come up with new recipes and it’s easy and faster than a crock pot.  Cook one ingredient at a time with no worries about burning, scorching or splattering.  Set the timer and you’re good to go do other things while the unit is cooking each delicious part of the meal.

Try chicken with tomato sauce.  Cook potatoes into small pieces, add a tablespoon of oil and let them cook for twenty minutes.  Cut up two chicken breasts and allow them to cook for about five minutes until brown.  Green and red peppers can be added and then a can of tomatoes.  Add some spices and you have a great dinner dish that is done in about 25 to 30 minutes, without having to watch it closely.  It’s a perfect gift idea or a wonderful way to feed your family a nutritious dinner without the fuss.